Crucial Marketing & Sales Strategies & Tactics During The COVID-19 Crisis & Beyond

Without the right strategy, the one-two punch of the COVID-19 crisis and average annual unit turnover could have a very troubling impact on occupancy and revenue. Take action and implement a marketing and sales strategy to best guard against an occupancy decline and protect revenue in the months ahead.

The Roche Associates has developed six COVID-19 marketing and sales solutions that can greatly help senior housing and care communities gain sales and move-ins.

Product 1
Engagement & Strengthening Prospect Relationships
Product 2
Virtual Lead Generation
Product 3
Ongoing Marketing & Sales Consultation
Product 4
Customized Sales Training Program
Product 5
SEO Package
Product 6
Social Media Package

Roche Associates
To answer any questions you may have about these six new marketing and sales solutions, we’re offering a free 1-hour consultation via conference call or Zoom.